SW Tea Fest 2016



Southwest Tea Fest

If you’re a tea business in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah, and are interested in being an exhibitor, see information here or email Naomi (naomi@joysteaspoon.com) for details!

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Exhibitor: Teasopia

We’re excited have to have Teasopia and their handmade soaps as part of the #SWTF2016! And a hearty congratulations on the launch of the new website on the same day that they are celebrating tea with us here in Vegas!!

-Naomi Rosen, Co-organizer of #SWTF2016

Teasopia-LogoTeasopia is founded on the basis of achieving beauty through simplicity. All Teasopia products are made with real tea leaves and/or essential tea tree oil that not only nourishes the body but also awakens the senses. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products made from all natural ingredients from around the world. Each of our products are intricately designed with exquisite swirls and colors to simultaneously exhilarate the senses and relax the mind.

Exhibitor: Clay Arts Vegas

Clay Arts Vegas is one of our original supporters and participated in the Las Vegas Tea Fest back in 2012. We’re excited to have them back and we think you will truly enjoy watching them create cups and tea bowls right in front of your very eyes!

Naomi Rosen, Co-Organizer of #SWTF2016

CAVClay Arts Vegas is a locally owned and operated pottery studio, clay distributor, and gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District. Clay Arts Vegas carries pottery supplies from Laguna Clay Company, Spectrum Glaze, Axner Pottery Tools, and Giffin Grip. We can also assist you with special orders. We are open (7) days a week with regularly scheduled classes in wheel throwing and hand building.

In the Victor F. Keen Gallery inside Clay Arts Vegas, you can expect to see visiting artists exhibits, resident artist’s work, and adjudicated shows, changing regularly in conjunction with Preview Thursday and First Friday Las Vegas. The gallery is open daily, offering a wide spectrum of work at a variety of price points. All one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted work, from cups to sculptures, are ready for your home or office.

Presentation: Wu Wo Tea Ceremony

Wu Wo LVTCWu-Wo Tea Ceremony was first designed by Mr. Rong-Tsang Tsai for modern tea enthusiasts.  It is free to the public to practice anywhere, any time and requires no previous experience or education. There are a few basic rules of Wu Wo

  • Wu Wo is performed in a circular shape where everyone brews tea, everyone serves tea, and everyone drinks tea.
  • You draw a number to decide your place in the circle.
  • Everyone serves in the same direction for the same number of steepings.
  • You bring your own teaware and tea.
  • There’s no talking or conversation.

There are a few Principal Spirits of the Wu Wo Tea Ceremony that are possible because of how it is performed:

  • Number drawing – illustrates the spirit of no upper or lower status
  • One direction when serving tea – illustrates no need for rewards
  • Accept and appreciate all teas – illustrates no preference or prejudice of teas
  • Effort in brewing good tea – illustrates the spirit of advancing your brewing skills
  • No Master of Ceremony – gives observers a chance to interpret the ceremony on their own
  • No talking or conversation – allows participants and observers a chance to appreciate and experience the group working in harmonious silence
  • Open to all brewing styles – illustrates the spirit of no prejudice towards formal or informal styles

Wu Wo really is open to everyone. No prior experience, training, or observations are necessary. It does, however, require a few pieces of hardware!

  • Teaware: (1) tea pot, (1) tea pitcher, (4) 2-oz. cups, tea, 12-16 paper cups
  • Medium/large thermos (boiled water will be provided)
  • Tea serving tray (something simple that you can serve tea to others on)
  • A mat (Yoga mat or a towel will do. If you are unable to kneel, a small stool is perfect.
  • A travel bag to store all above items inside.

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony will be performed at 1:00PM during the #SWTF2016 and attendees are encouraged to participate. If you are interested in participating, please arrive at the Wu Wo Tea Ceremony area at 12:50 to draw a number. Don’t forget your list of items you’ll need to participate!

Presentation: Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

Gong Fu

Credit: Photo by Tealet

The Gong Fu Tea Ceremony, also called the Chinese Art of Tea, is a cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of tea. The idea is that by using specific techniques and patience, you will produce the best cup of tea possible. We don’t want to give away all of the details, but Gong Fu sets in clude a Yixing pot, small cups (usually about an ounce), tea (traditionally oolong), a tea tray, and a pitcher. All of the clay items are warmed, the tea is steeped, poured into cups, and then shared with fellow tea drinkers. The process is reverent and beautiful to watch and you won’t want to miss the experience!

Please join us at 11AM at the SW Tea Fest as we witness the Las Vegas Tea Club serving and sharing tea via the Gong Fu method.


「小葉子」(TEALET)與「喜悅茶匙」(JOY’S TEASPOON) 攜手宣佈聯合舉辦「首屆西南茶園遊會」,此是拉斯維加斯市第一個也是唯一的以高品質的茶與茶文化為主題的園遊會。


「喜悅茶匙」Naomi 特別指出當人們提及茶文化與茶的活動總想到是紐約、芝加哥、或西雅圖等地。「首屆西南茶園遊會」之籌辦終能把茶文化、茶商與飲茶活動帶到我們自家門口。「小葉子」茶葉公司負責人 Elyse ,我們以在本市展示好茶、茶文化而感到興奮,希望大家能踴躍參與支持這個擁有悠久文明歷史的飲料與本活動!


地點在 Las Vegas Downtown 3rd Farmers Market, 二月二十七日(星期六)早上十點開始. 門票每人20元,

可在網上( www.swteafest.com)事前訂購。 園遊會亦含下列特別活動


無我茶會演示Wu Wo Tea Ceremony

工夫茶茶藝表演Gong Fu Tea Ceremony

茶湯分辨Blind Tea Tasting

泡茶比賽Cupping Championship

藝術品展示Art Walk

現場音樂演奏、與食物車 Live Music and Food Trucks


更多詳情請造訪網站 visit www.swteafest.com 或電話聯繫877.795.1411.

Goodie Bag Sponsor: Earlene Grey

I have been reading Susan Patterson’s poetry for quite a few years now. I came across her booth at the World Tea Expo and have enjoyed her writings, and the tea snob in me loves her pen name, Earlene Grey. She has graciously sent us a handful of her books and they will be included in some super bonus Swag Bags that will be handed out to a few lucky attendees of #SWTF2016. Thank you Susan!

Naomi Rosen, Co-organizer of #SWTF2016

Earlene GreySusan Patterson, who on occasion takes the liberty of writing under the name of Earlene Grey, is a poet. It has been said that he works bring a soft education to the planet. You will find Susan’s writing unique, witty, instantly pertinent and, at times, spiritual… as comforting as a good cup of tea.

Her books include poetry, memoir, and tea poetry. When she reads her work, it is even better. We invite you, then, to find out what the excitement is all about. Browse her books or go to the Poet’s Corner and let Susan share her insights with you.is a published author of three books of poetry and a book of memoirs. She is heard regularly on RKWPpodcast-radio. She also speaks at private and public events. Find out more at EarleneGrey.com!


Exhibitor: Little Candle Tea Co.

Louise Carruth, the owner of Little Candle Tea Company, was the co-organizer of the 2012 Las Vegas Tea Fest. Louise has a heart for tea and enjoys sharing that knowledge doing tea talks and cuppings around the Vegas valley. She’s been a supporter of tea culture and education for quite a few years and we are excited to have Little Candle Tea Company be a part of the festivities.

Naomi Rosen, Co-Organizer of #SWTF2016

LCTC_Logo_Complete-01 (2)Being a coffee drinker for most of my life, and like most of my customers, I only drank tea when I was sick. I had my first sip of loose leaf tea about eight years ago and haven’t stopped drinking it since! Being a retired teacher, I find the history, myths and stories about tea so much fun, that now I do tea talks around the valley and bring my teas everywhere. The company’s mission is to educate people about tea; the more people know and understand tea, the more they appreciate the “leaf”, and enjoy the “drink”. The tea community here is wonderful and it is a privilege being a part of it. –

Louise Carruth, Owner of Little Candle Tea Company

Presentation: The Sensuality of Tea

When you think about sensual things, you immediately think about tea, right?

Okay, okay, so maybe you don’t. But you should!

Tea, along with some of its agriculturally-sourced brethren, like cigars and wine, are the very definition of sensual. They make us feel more than they make us think. They are about desire, not necessity. They appeal to the senses. They inspire descriptives that are genuinely poetic. What more proof do you need?

Smokin'James Orr is a director/writer/producer with credits on such films as:

  • “Three Men and A Baby”
  • “Father of the Bride”
  • “Sister Act 2”
  • “Mr. Destiny”

He also writes and directs documentaries on cigars and wine, both subjects he has a passion for, including:

  • “Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba”
  • “The Fuente Family: An American Dream”
  • “Cannubi: A Vineyard Kissed By God”

Exhibitor: Angry Joe Coffee

I know. I know. It’s a tea festival but I think we can all agree that there are lots of tea drinkers that enjoy a good ole cup of joe now and then. We’re excited to have Angry Joe Coffee be a part of the SW Tea Fest and hope that our tea friends will throw some love their way! On a side note, they’re well caffeinated and not angry at all!

Naomi Rosen, Co-Organizer of #SWTF2016

ANGRYJOE_LABEL_FRONT Paul has created Angry Joe Coffee because of his love for strength-training and his love for COFFEE. 

Paul uses USDA certified, fair trade organic coffee beans. The beans are from Guatemala which gives you the perfect balance of body, aroma, and acidity. Once these beans are ground and brewed in your home you will experience notes of creamy sweetness and hints of lemon-lime and toffee flavors. The beans are hand-picked and carefully roasted to carry at least 75% more caffeine than your normal cup of joe. They are also infused with branch-chain amino acids for recovery, yohimbine HCL for ANGRYJOE_LABEL_BACKfat-burning affects and L-Carnitine for mental clarity!

Whether you need a pre-workout for the gym or that extra surge for the everyday grind, replace your cup of joe with an ANGRY one!

Presentation: US Grown Tea

Did you know that tea is being grown all over the United States? I know! Mind. Blown.

Join Rie Tulali, of the US League of Tea Growers, as we explore US Grown Tea: The All-American Tea Farm, and Why It’s Something To Be Proud Of. Tea isn’t usually very American. Think of tea, and you’ll conjure up a British tea room in your head, or imagine a mist-shrouded Asian garden. However, tea is now growing in the United States, and often in the most unlikely places. From the vast fields of the Deep South to the volcanic islands of Hawaii, learn where tea is growing in the United States, and how American tea farmers have overcome the challenges to bring tea to our backyards.

RT Photo (1) Rie Tulali is the General Manager of Tealet, based in Las Vegas, NV. Initially a tea blogger on Instagram, Rie took her in-depth knowledge in quality tea to the direct-trade tea industry. At Tealet, she evaluates and curates teas directly from small growers, sharing their teas and stories with tea shops and educators around the world. She is also the Media Coordinator for the US League of Tea Growers, with the goal to bring awareness and appreciation of US Grown Tea.

Rie is also a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and hopes to bring more tea appreciation to the local Las Vegas community.