Presentation: Direct Trade Tea

Have you questioned where your tea is coming from? Who’s making it? Want to know all of the links in the supply chain?

Learn how to build direct trade relationships with tea producers, even as a consumer. Not only is direct trade business good for sustainability of the tea industry it also yields higher quality tea. This session will cover the definitions of direct trade and provide insight into the status quo of the tea industry, including certifications such as Fair Trade and Organic.
Elyse Peterson (Tealet).jpgElyse Petersen worked as a Global Tea Ambassador in Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan with the International Tea Farms Alliance. Through her time in Japan, she made many connections with tea farmers and was inspired by the passion farmers had for their tea. She is now the founder of Tealet, a marketplace that connects tea buyers with tea growers around the world. She is passionate about direct trade business and empowering tea producers to better understand quality.



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