Darjeeling Sponsor: Joy’s Teaspoon

Back in 2011, I had this crazy idea that there needed to be a locals tea festival in Vegas. Nowadays, if you google tea fests, they’re happening all over the US but back a few years ago there was only the Northwest Tea Festival (Seattle) and the Coffee and Tea Festival in NYC. It was exciting and a ton of work and Vegas hosted its first locals tea fest on a chilly November day in 2012 at the Arts Factory in Downtown. At the time, we counted it as a success as we had just over 300 attendees and a great deal of interest and excitement over tea. Fast forward a few years, and we feel that Vegas is ready for an annual festival celebrating tea, tea culture, and all things tea. We’re excited to share the day with fellow tea drinkers and are proud to be Darjeeling Sponsors of the SW Tea Fest!

Naomi Rosen, Co-Organizer of #SWTF2016 and Owner of Joy’s Teaspoon

JT Logo (Regular)

Joy’s Teaspoon, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, was launched in April 2010 and debuted 32 tea blends, 10 spices and herbs, and a handful of teawares.  We have since added numerous teas and accessories to the collection and now proudly offer over 70 loose leaf teas and brewing accessories. Our efforts are focused on sourcing teas directly from the farmers, or through blenders and importers that are able to provide us with information on the supply chain. It’s our goal to ensure we are supporting fair, sustainable working farms.


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