Presentation: Wu Wo Tea Ceremony

Wu Wo LVTCWu-Wo Tea Ceremony was first designed by Mr. Rong-Tsang Tsai for modern tea enthusiasts.  It is free to the public to practice anywhere, any time and requires no previous experience or education. There are a few basic rules of Wu Wo:

  • Wu Wo is performed in a circular shape where everyone brews tea, everyone serves tea, and everyone drinks tea.
  • You draw a number to decide your place in the circle.
  • Everyone serves in the same direction for the same number of steepings.
  • You bring your own teaware and tea.
  • There’s no talking or conversation.

There are a few Principal Spirits of the Wu Wo Tea Ceremony that are possible because of how it is performed:

  • Number drawing – illustrates the spirit of no upper or lower status
  • One direction when serving tea – illustrates no need for rewards
  • Accept and appreciate all teas – illustrates no preference or prejudice of teas
  • Effort in brewing good tea – illustrates the spirit of advancing your brewing skills
  • No Master of Ceremony – gives observers a chance to interpret the ceremony on their own
  • No talking or conversation – allows participants and observers a chance to appreciate and experience the group working in harmonious silence
  • Open to all brewing styles – illustrates the spirit of no prejudice towards formal or informal styles

Wu Wo really is open to everyone. No prior experience, training, or observations are necessary. It does, however, require a few pieces of hardware!

  • Teaware: (1) tea pot, (1) tea pitcher, (4) 2-oz. cups, tea, 12-16 paper cups
  • Medium/large thermos (boiled water will be provided)
  • Tea serving tray (something simple that you can serve tea to others on)
  • A mat (Yoga mat or a towel will do. If you are unable to kneel, a small stool is perfect.
  • A travel bag to store all above items inside.

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony will be performed four times throughout the two-day #SWTF2017. Please check the schedule for specific times. Attendees are encouraged to participate. If you are interested in participating, please arrive at the Wu Wo Tea Ceremony area 15 minutes prior to start time!


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