Presenter: Las Vegas Tea Club



Las Vegas Tea Club’s first and foremost goal is to make acquaintances thru tea. Our mission is  to promote the spirit of “chadao”, promote tea culture amongst all people, develop tea culture within the tea industry, and improve family relations and bring harmony to the community. We are honored that the LV Tea Club will be leading the Gong Fu and Wu Wo ceremonies,as well as sharing and pouring tea with attendees.

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a newer style of tea gathering designed on the principles of “everyone brews tea, everyone serves tea, everyone drinks tea.” Today it is practiced by all tea enthusiasts around the world. Wu-Wo allows you to appreciate different teas, brewing styles, tea cultures, and opens to door to meeting other tea enthusiasts in our neighborhoods.

Attendees of the SW Tea Fest are invited to be a part of the Wu Wo Ceremony. No experience is necessary but there is a list below of the items needed to participate. There will be four “performances” around the Lucky Dragon Pool:

February 25th – 10:30 AM and 2:45PM 

February 26th – 10:30AM and 2:00PM

You will need the following items to participate in the Wu Wo ceremony:

  1. A clean teapot, gaiwan, or brewing vessel
  2. Tea of your choice
  3. Four (4) tea cups
  4. Serving Tray
  5. A mat or foot stool for kneeling (or sitting). A yoga mat will work.
  6. How water in a thermos (enough for 3 brews)
  7. Small towel to clean your teaware (Optional)
  8. Small artistic item like flowers or a teapet (Optional)
  9. A bag to carry all of the above listed itemswu-wo

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