Speaker: Paul Argier

paul-argierSpeaker: Paul Argier

Presentation: Utilitarian Quality Tea Service – Raising The Bar For Tea Quality And Tea Service

Summary: The idea of tea is often clouded in misconceptions and misunderstandings. As our exposure to better quality tea becomes more accessible, and so-called “tea masters” and “tea sommeliers” present themselves, it is important to frame the information in the most responsible way possible. With so many sub-regions and tea styles to study, how can we keep tea fun, conversational, and integrate this information into our daily lives?

Bio: Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada – Paul Argier returned from college in California with a degree in Film and Television and a lust for traveling Europe. As part of the opening team for Batali/Bastianich restaurants in Las Vegas in early 2007, Paul was able to live and breathe Italian culture for six years as he opened and collaborated in outlets in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore. Educating staff and guests at the brand new Marina Bay Sands Singapore – he was part of an expat wave that shifted the hospitality landscape of the nation. With over a decade of professional hospitality experience, Paul recently made the transition from the world of artisanal wine, spirits, beer – to the community of camellia sinensis (tea).


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